The Manifest Hails NYMO & Co. as the Global Best Recommended Affiliate Marketing Partner for 2022

This past year has been more than an exciting roller coaster for us at NYMO & Co. We’re always incredibly grateful and proud of the work we’ve accomplished with our brilliant partners. Today, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce to each and every one of you a new honor that was made possible by our fantastic clients. Most recently, we caught wind that our team was featured on The Manifest global company awards! According to their esteemed report, NYMO & Co. is among the best recommended and reviewed affiliate marketing companies this 2022!

We are genuinely grateful for this wonderful award. This honor highlights how great the partnerships and relationships we’ve built throughout the year. It’s a great high to close our year with.

To give you a better understanding of this award, The Manifest is an independent business news platform that’s designed to publish extensive content encompassing various B2B industries. For its industry awards, the platform showcases the stellar relationships shared by corporate clients and service providers. The honor is given by The Manifest to the top firms that received the most recommendations and reviews over the past twelve months.

We’d like to seize this opportunity to send our profound love and gratitude to everyone who believed in us, especially our supportive clients. Thank you so much for believing in us through the ups and downs. NYMO & Co. is looking forward to starting a new year filled with exciting adventures with you all! Increase your revenue through NYMO & Co.’s proven customer acquisition and affiliate marketing solutions. Send us a message today and let’s work together. Take on 2023 and beyond with us!